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About Spirit First Foods

Atiya Ola

Spirit First Foods's mission is to assist the Divine, Sacred Earth families to return to spiritual, mental and physical health and well being. We recognize food as a symbol of the Creator's continuous love and nurturing support through our earthly experience. In High Law, food is an expression of God, the living energy that sustains us all.

Our plant-based foods are seasoned with herbs and spices, savory and sweet, with different textures to delight the tongue and flavors to awe the plate. We love introducing our guests to vegetables that are creatively prepared to expand their well being and food experience pleasure.

Spirit First Foods desires to reconnect our thoughts and behaviors to that memory of God as living Energy, therefore assisting our return to love, peace, harmony and joy.

Thank You for the  privilege and pleasure of serving you.

Lovingly Yours, Atiya Ola



I love love love Atiya Ola. This family owned restaurant serves the most exquisite vegetarian dishes to be found in Philadelphia. The location is equally exquisite. 


Asia A. - Royersford, PA

Great food, great convo and you always learn something new here! Some of the best vegan food I've had in West Philly.



The Best in the city...I call it the Food with Love in it.

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